First off, thanks for reading!  I’ve had this strip idea bouncing around in my head for a LONG time, and as with any idea, the real work is sitting down and doing the hard work to bring it to life.  Please continue to send me your feedback, spread the word and comment like mad gophers!

Now that the first story arc is done, I’ll write a little bit about how the stories for the strip will be structured.

There will be story arcs that run for a series of strips, like this one that introduced the set-up and characters, and inbetween these story arcs will be “one shot” strips that have gags based on current events, silly little ideas that aren’t big enough for a full story or something that either Dan or I found funny.

I’m also going to be adding character descriptions, ads and other things to make the strip more fun for you, the reader, as well as profitable for me so I can afford to buy the high end scotch I need to fuel the writing, so changes are still coming!